Mizuho Bank President Presents Lacquer-ware Congratulating 25th Anniversary of SIH Founding

Mizuho Bank, Kamiya-cho Branch, arranged a sodality in Tokyo Garden Place , in Aug. 3rd, 2018, congratulating the 25th anniversary of SIH founding.

Congratulating the 25th anniversary of SIH establishment and wishing the better development in future, Mr.Koji Fujiwara, the President of Mizuho Bank, especially has sent the message of congratulation. The present and former general managers of the branch expressed sincere congratulation, such as that Mr. Koji Asano, arrived at the sodality to greet each other with Mr. Meng, and then Mr. Meng appreciated the warm assistance from Mr. Asano during the early days of his term, in addition, Mr. Takeshi Teshima sent the congratulatory message from Hong Kong, wishing the success of the sodality.

On the sodality presided over by Mr. Masahiro Ooba, the Deputy General Manager, Mr. Yoshihiko Tanimoto, General Manager, delivered a passionate congratulatory speech, expressing the great pleasure to cooperate with SIH on the occasion of the latter’s establishment. Mr. Tetsuya Teshima, Manager of Mizuho Bank, HK Business No. 3 Dept. made a toast, being gratified with the close exchange and cooperation.

On the party site, Kamiya-cho Branch presented a slide show, to recall the history of the cooperation and development between SIH and Mizuho Bank. Mr. Meng was deeply moved by the activity the bank side elaborately arranged, being impressed with the support from the bank since the early days. He said that both sides not only supported and understood each other for many years, but also set up the private friendship that worth being cherished. Finally, Mr. Shouichi Nakanishi gave a warm speech, and said that he would strengthen and promote the cooperation with SIH.

On behalf of Mr. Koji Fujiwara, the President of Mizuho Bank, Mr. Yoshihiko Tanimoto, the General Manager of Kamiya-cho Branch, presented a lacquer ware to SIH in Aug. 7th, 2018, as a gift for congratulation.