Annual Meeting of Shareholders of 2017 And 1st Session of 6th Board of Directors of SIH

The Annual Meeting of Shareholders 2017 and First Session of Sixth Board of Directors of SIH were held in the conference room of SIIC in Aug. 2nd, 2018. As recommended by the owners, Mr. Jun Feng has been elected as the Chairman, and Mr. Guorong Zhang, Mr. Jiangang Yu, Mr. Jian Zhu as Vice-chairmen of the new board of directors, meanwhile, Mr. Biyuan Sun has been elected as the Chief Supervisor of the board of supervisors; Mr. Yinfa Meng has been appointed as President, and Mr. Jianliang Shao as the Secretary of Board.

The annual work summary of 2017 and the work plan of 2018” reported by Mr. Yinfa Meng, President of SIH, therefore, “the annual financial report of 2017 and financial budget of 2018”, also “the profit distribution proposal” were discussed and approved.

The meeting fully affirmed the development history of SIH in last 25 years that SIH has fully played the role of domestic and overseas interactive platform for business, in accordance with the relevant rules of SASAC, within the corporate governance framework of state-owned enterprises, especially, since the increasing of the capital of Aug. 2002. SIH has made the significant achievement such as, the economic and cultural exchange between China and Japan, investment promotion, international trade and assets operation. It has accumulated the successful experience, thus, made a contribution for the maintenance and appreciation of owner’s assets, finally, and gone out of a path suitable for its own development.

SIH was requested to strive to become stronger, to keep transforming and developing. In accordance with the SIIC strategy of “re-internationalization, deeper capitalization”, SIH would improve the operation system in trade and investment; moreover, try to create the new value in the economic complementary space between China and Japan.