Representatives of Mizuho Bank Visiting SIH

During the beautiful season of the summer,Mr.Yoshihiko Tanimoto,General Manager of Mizuho Bank Kamiya-cho branch and his colleagues visited SIH in Jun.22th 2018,and congratulated 25th anniversary of SIH founding on behalf of Mizuho bank.Mr.Yinfa Meng,President of SIH,warmly welcomed the guests and sincerely appreciated the support from the guest side.

During the early days ,SIH established cooperation with Mizuho bank at 25years ago.They always have been helping each other for 25 years,and continued to abtain the achievement based on the profound cooperation. Kamiya-cho branch has becomed largest cooprative bank with SIH.

Mr.Meng and Mr.Tanimoto held a very friendly talk. They were very glad to recalled cooperation history, and looked forward to the future of Sino-Japan economic cooperation,being full of expectation in the further cooperation.Both sides expressed that they would promote the level and quality of the cooperation,and then faced the new challenge and created a new situation together .

Mr.Tanimoto and his group visited Tokyo Shanghai International Gallery with great interest,also appreciated the efforts of SIH in the cultural construction.

Mr.Masahiro Oba,Deputy General Manager of Kamiya -cho branch and Mr. Jianwei Tao, Assistant to President of SIH,attended all meetings and activities as well.