SMBC Congratulating 25th Anniversary of SIH Founding

Jun.8th, 2018 is 25th anniversary of registration day of SIH in Japan legal affairs office. In same day afternoon, Mr. Tsuneo Takahashi, General Manager of SMBC Tokyo Chuo Corporate Business Office-1 and his colleagues visited SIH, presented a gift called “Onhikimeya” on behalf of Mr. Makoto Takashima, President of SMBC, to Mr. Yinfa Meng, President of SIH, to express the congratulation for 25th anniversary of SIH founding. “Onhikimeya” means “To be concentrated as an arrow”: SIH will Agglomerate ingenuity as making an arrow, to give full play to the creative ability and continue to develop and grow up.

The two sides exchanged views friendly and expressed desires to expand the scale and enhance the quality of the cooperation between the bank and enterprise, therefore, discussed the preparation schedule of co-sponsoring the celebrating 40th anniversary of conclusion of China Japan Peace & Friendship Treaty.

Accompanied by Mr. Yinfa Meng, President of SIH, Mr. Takahashi visited Tokyo Shanghai International Gallery with great interest.