On the occasion of 25th anniversary of SIH founding, Mr. Xiaochu Shen, Chairman of SIIC, the major owner of SIH visited SIH in Jun. 4th, 2018, accompanied by Mr. Min Zuo, President, and Mr. Yaohua Zhang, Vice-president of Shanghai Pharmaceutical (Group) Ltd., Mr. Weimin Dai, a leader of SIIC (Investment), Mr. Jun Feng, President of SOEC and Mr. Jingbo Tang, Deputy General Manager of Administration Office of SIIC. Carefully hearing the report by Mr. Yinfa Meng about the company’s situation, development history and the strategy in future, Mr. Shen warmly congratulated the 25th anniversary of the company’s founding, and also fully affirmed the achievement made by the management team. He said, I knew little about the SIH before and learned from some leaders expressing that SIH is good. After visiting the company and hearing the report, he said, SIH is not only good, and much more than good. SIH will never be satisfied with the achievement it has made. He also praised that SIH is a banner, a model, a bright point and an example of the overseas development under SIIC, hoping that SIH would further develop and innovate the company, educate and train more business talent, play the role of a show window and a platform, to lay a solid foundation for future development. The SIIC group visited National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation(Miraikan)and Tokyo Shanghai International Gallery as well.