Master Calligrapher Visiting TSIG

During the “Mr. Gongda Yan Calligraphy Exhibition, Baoyuntang Poetry” held in Central Art Gallery for 6 days in Ginza, Tokyo, Mr. Gongda Yan, Professor of Qinghua University, National First-class Artist, Expert enjoying Special Allowance from the State Council, former member of CPPCC National Committee, Vice-chairman of Chinese Calligraphy Association, one of the “Masters of Oriental Calligraphy” and his group visited Tokyo Shanghai International Gallery ( TSIG) in Nov. 9th, 2018, and they were welcomed by Mr. Yinfa Meng, President of SIH, also Mr. Dong Chen, Curator of TSIG. Mr. Yan praised that SIH established an art gallery on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its founding, making a significant work for the folk cultural exchange between China and Japan, and then, he wrote an inscription with pleasure as “ The art road is endless, and the humanity is forever”. They were accompanied by Mr. Hongyou Liu, Chairman of All- Japan Overseas Chinese Federation, and a famous calligrapher living in Japan, and Ms. Hua Luo, Vice-chairman of Association for Promotion of Japan-China Cultural Exchange.