New Beginning and New Voyage

SMBC Global Seminar, a high-level forum focusing on “China business and the direction of its development”, was held in Tokyo on Sept. 7th, 2018. The event was sponsored by SMBC, co-sponsored by SIH, commemorating the 40th anniversary of conclusion of China-Japan Peace & Friendship Treaty, and also celebrating the 25th anniversary of SIH founding. Devoting ourselves to the economic and trade cooperation, promoting the cultural exchange, we established the support and trust relationship between Chinese enterprises and Japanese banks, to make the 25th anniversary of SIH founding remarkable. On the same day, a ribbon cutting ceremony of “Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy and Painting Show” was held in SMBC. On the seminar, Mr. Uichiro Niwa, the former Ambassador to China, Chairman of Japan-China Friendship Association, delivered a speech on “The turbulent international situation and the future of Japan & China”; Mr. Kenji Yumoto , Vice-president of Institute of Japan Comprehensive Study, explained “The latest trend and prospect of China Economy: Growth, reform and risks”; Mr. Takashi Tsuchiya, SMBC (China) Ltd. ,Manager of Enterprise Investigation Dept., presented “The Business Environment of China & the Business Opportunity of Japanese Enterprises”. Mr. Yasuyuki Kawasaki, Vice-Chairman of SMBC, Mr. Yinfa Meng, President of SIH, Mr. Lang Bai, the Honorary Employee of SIH, delivered speeches on behalf of the sponsor and co-sponsor. Cooperating with Tokyo Shanghai International Gallery, SMBC and SIH jointly organized a week-long , “Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy and Painting Show” entitled with “New Beginning, New Voyage” in the SMBC building. The calligraphers and Painters included Mr. Guoqiang Tang, Mr. Lang Bai, Mr. Zhenlang Hu, Mr. Zhaoqing Yan, Mr. Mo Lin, Mr. Bengui Wang, Mr. Zesheng Chen, Ms.Masako Sato、Ms.Hiroko Kuwayama、Ms.Kimie Kobayashi、Ms.Hikoe Ishigooka etc. The show was a high-level cultural exchange, greatly praised by the Japanese economic circles. Accompanied by Mr. Hongyou Liu, President of All Japan Overseas Chinese Federation, Mr. Tianchi Wei, Consultant of Chinese Calligraphers Association, Honorary Chairman of Jiangsu Calligraphers Association, Winner of Lanting Award, the highest lifetime achievement award, visited the show with the great interest in Sept. 10th, 2018, and considered the exhibits as pretty good, and also the China-Japan cultural exchange to be significant.