• A business network, which is based on Tokyo, backed up by Shanghai; serving China and influencing the whole world, has been constructed on the interactive platform between Japan and China.


  • Upholding the honest principle of Chinese traditional commercial culture and persisting in the business strategy of internationalization, SIH always keeps the closer cooperative relationship with the relevant manufacturers and traders, also promotes the cooperation between the company and banks, thus optimizes the financing cost, finally provides the technology, material, equipment, merchandize and service to the customers of China, Japan and other regions.
  • Due to the uneven distribution of domestic resources, on the mutual platforms between Tokyo and Shanghai, SIH focuses on the exploration of upstream supply, by the convenient finance and accurate management of supply chain, fully playing a synergistic role, to supply the productive materials stably for the customers and facilitate the operation efficiency of the suppliers and customers by the specialized commercial service; thereby realize the role as a productive service provider and the self value of enterprises.




  • SIH deals in the products including PX, PTA, MEG, ethylene, propylene, butadiene, benzene, toluene, xylene, methanol, paraffin wax and lubricant, among which, its trading volume of PX accounts for 5% of total annual import of China.

  • ●Shanghai International Airports Construction Projects

  • SIH has cooperated with some renowned companies and manufacturers from Japan, US and Europe to accomplish many construction projects with supreme quality in Shanghai Pudong International Airport as well as Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.

  • ●Other Products

  • The products related to the new energy industry chain, such as robot, machinery, automobile, electronic components, building material, medical equipment, health foodstuffs, light industrial products etc.
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