Company Profile

Decided by Shanghai municipality and funded by SIIC, SIH was established in Tokyo in Aug. 1993. Approved by Shanghai municipality and Commerce Ministry of P. R. China, SIIC, INESA, SCIP and SIIG increased capital and diversified ownership of SIH in Dec. 2002, then SIH began to be developed as a comprehensive company dealing in the scope of international trade, overseas finance, investment management, consulting services, project bidding and others.


Registered capital 490,000,000 yen
Corporate representatives Jun Feng Chairman of Board of Directors
Jianyi Mao Representative President


Trading Dept., Petro-chemical Product Dept., General Administration Dept., Shanghai Service Center for Entrepreneurs Tokyo Office, Financial Management Dept., Asset Management Dept.
Shanghai Office, Shanghai International Business Co., Ltd.


Public Transit

1. From exit No. 3 of Kayabacho Sta. of Tokyo Metro Tozai Line /Hibiya Line, you will walk towards the direction of Eitai Bridge for 8 minutes, thus arrive at the destination.
2. From exit No. B4 of Hatchobori Sta. of JR Keiyo Line /Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, you will walk for 8 minutes, thus arrive at the destination.

Private Driving

1. Driving through Kajibashi Dori towards the direction of Eitai Bridge, you will turn left at the corner near MIZUHO BANK thereby arrive at Shanghai Int’l Bldg., which stands next to the west side of said bank.
2. Driving from the east bank of Sumida River, you will go through the Eitai Bridge, then turn left at the first block behind Eitai Bridge Bus Stop.

Scope of business

  • Export and import businesses
  • Consulting services regarding M&A and intermediary business
  • Businesses related to stock investment and equity participation
  • Overseas travel planning and other related businesses
  • Businesses related to acceptance of Chinese trainees receiving training in Japan
  • Exhibition planning and organizing
  • Dispatching of technicians for computer system program design
  • Customized development and sale of computer software
  • Charged job placement business
  • Building rental service

Import & Export Business Scope

  • Petroleum, LPG, LNG and other petro-chemical products.
  • Steel, nonferrous metal and synthetic resin.
  • Electronics, telecommunication equipment, testing instrument and analytic apparatus.
  • Automobile, auto parts and auto manufacturing equipment.
  • Machine tool, textile machine and printing machine.
  • Ship, aircraft, railway vehicle and relevant spare parts.
  • Medical device.
  • Building material and construction machinery.
  • Household appliance, furniture and upholstery material.
  • Foodstuff, medicine and cosmetic.
  • Wine and liquor.
  • Textile material, textiles, sporting goods, toy and footwear.
  • Clothing, grocery, handicraft and stationery.

Annual turnover