Shanghai International Holding Co., Ltd. (SIH), has realized the importance of protecting personal information and will fully comply with the relevant laws and regulations for protection of personal information.

The website of SIH is committed to insisting the following principles for strict protection of personal information from clients.

The management and employees of SIH will entirely comply with the principles protecting privacy of clients, and continue to work on improving the principles.

As SIH obtaining personal information of clients is not for the purpose of gathering and utilizing it, the clients are requested to read and agree with the statement before providing personal information.

The personal information will be used in scope specified and agreed with by clients, while not used for any other purpose than specified.

SIH will inform clients of use of personal information, if any.

SIH will strive to prevent any improper access, theft, damage, falsification and leakage of personal information by technical measures.

SIH will not disclose personal information to any third party without prior consent of clients unless otherwise required by the law.

If SIH authorizes third party to handle personal information, the third party will be required to handle properly in the scope specified by clients.

SIH will actively cooperate with clients whenever confirmation or revision of personal information is needed.