Mr. Kejian Lv

Mr. Lv has been engaged in Japan-related work since 1975. He was appointed as Economic & Commercial Minister of Chinese Embassy to Japan, and Director of Asia Dept. of Commerce Ministry of China and etc. At present, he is Vice-chairman of China National Japanese Economy Association, has done a numerous fruitful work for the development of Sino-Japan economic and trade relationship, witnessing many important events concerning the Sino-Japan relationship.

Mr. Lang Bai

Mr. Lang Bai, with autonym of Shifu Lu, learned from Mr. Huanwu Huang, a master of lingnan school (South of five Ridges School) during his early years. He has been working in art creation and teaching for more than 30 years. Based on the Chinese painting and calligraphy, Mr. Bai absorbed style of Japanese painting as well as the European impressionistic painting, forming a unique style of aesthetical painting. He has been awarded silver prize of Ministry of Culture of China; Prize of Prime Minister of Japan; Prize of Ministry of Education of Japan; Grand Prize of all Japan ink wash painting; His works have been kept in the collection of many temples, galleries and banks such as Kyoto Kodaiji、Kyoto Kenninji、Kamakura Kenchoji 、Koyasan、Nara Toshodaiji、Ome Gyokusenji、Tokyo Joshoji、Gunma Tensoji. He trained many excellent painting students, and published some painting albums and teaching plans, making the outstanding achievement of civilian cultural exchange between China and Japan.
Homepage: http://hakurou.jp/

Mr. Koji Asano, the Honorary Employee of SIH.

He was born in Ehime-ken, Japan, and graduated from Business Dept., Waseda University, also once studied in Marburg University in Germany. He was employed by Fuji Bank in 1981, and worked in Tokyo, Dusseldorf (Germany) and Singapore for 20 years, engaging in foreign exchange and security trading. He provided support for the development of the Japanese enterprises in Vietnam, during his term as president of Mizuho Bank, Hanoi Branch from 2005 to 2007. In addition, he provided financial assistance to the customers, when he was president of Mizuho Bank, Kamiya-cho Branch from 2008 to 2010, laying the foundation for the long-term friendly cooperation between the Mizuho Bank and China funded enterprises in Japan. He is an investment consultant for the enterprises of Ehime Prefecture now.