As the corporate culture is the soul of enterprises, SIH has always built its own cultural core based on the fundamental concepts such as “honest & Credit”. The ocean is huge enough to receive rivers from all directions; likewise, developing the Chinese culture and absorbing the Japanese culture, SIH should build the corporate culture and assume the social responsibility, thus to play the function of the platforms, bridges and links between the enterprises of China and Japan.


Seeking benefit for the owners, providing opportunities for the employees and creating value for the society, SIH fully utilizes the regional comparative advantage by operation mode of “dual platforms” between Tokyo and Shanghai and plays a due role among the economic and cultural exchanges between China and Japan. SIH provides the unique valuable service in the industrial chain, and forges the service provider for manufacturers to enrich the connotation as a modern comprehensive company, finally, achieves the value target of win-win and multi-win for all related ones.